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Some damage to a music box can not only make a box sound terrible, but it can also make the box look unsightly. Broken tooth tips, missing teeth, missing or damaged dampeners, broken governors, damaged cylinders, and worn combs can all take considerable time and effort to repair. Most of the work done on music boxes is very tedious and time consuming. Almost all of this work is done with the use of a magnifying head set, many specialty tools, and, of course, patience, patience, and more patience.

If a comb is missing a tooth tip, it will not come in contact with the cylinder pin, and therefore will not sound. To repair a broken tip, it is necessary to grind off the remaining part of the tip, and cut a slot into the tooth, insert a piece of steel, weld the new tip, cut the tip to length, hone to exact size, align it with the cylinder pin, and then polish it so it cosmetically looks perfect. All of this tip repairing can take several hours, as it is also necessary to take certain precautions to protect the adjoining teeth and tips while working so closely to them with metal tools and heat.

When a tooth is broken off, it can't be re-attached. The old tooth must be ground off to the base of the comb and a slot cut into it. The new tooth must be made, by hand, to the exact dimensions of the old tooth, including a new tip and dampener. This tooth is then fit into the slot in the comb, and welded in place. Once the new tooth is in the comb, it must be ground to match it's original tone and appearance, while also aligning with the cylinder pin. The replacement of just one tooth can take from several hours to over a day, depending on the size and nature of it.

All music boxes coming into my shop will receive a thorough and free estimate of repair. All you will need to do is to take care of the shipping charges.

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