•Minor Repair
•Major Repair
•Complete Restoration


NOTE! A huge word of caution. NEVER, NEVER, remove any part from your music box, without first releasing EVERY OUNCE of spring tension, from the main spring. Even if the butterfly air brake does not move, you can still have tremendous tension remaining in the spring barrel, and when released, this tension can destroy your comb and cylinder pinning, not to mention what it will do to your hands, if they are in contact with the cylinder when it spins.

Most music boxes I see are in need of minor repair. these repairs usually consist of a good thorough cleaning of the main spring, drive assembly, or the governor assembly.

After setting in storage for many, many years, the old oil and grease solidify, seizing up the moving parts. Another minor repair is tightening and realigning loose dampeners, which can cause buzzing or chattering. The governor worm, or drive screw, may also need re-polishing, to allow it to slide better on the governor drive gear. Even  realigning a movement in it's case can often improve the musical sound.

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